Here's My Heart

by Orin

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So... these are some songs that the Lord has placed in me over the past 3 and a half years. I'm really nervous about sharing them, but here they are anyway. It's not perfect sounding, but here's my heart, if I were to put it in to music.

The tracks are in order by when they were written.


released May 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Orin San Diego, California

My name is Orin. Jesus is my passion. Music is my outlet.

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Track Name: Reaching For Me
Verse 1:
You are to me everything
All I need and all I want is You, is You
I live my life day by day
To give You glory honor and praise
So why should I pursue anything else but You?
And how could I turn to anyone else but You?

You are my God
You are my Hope
You are my Savior
You're the Light when I'm lost
No matter the cost, You're reaching for me

Verse 2:
Sometimes I don't understand
Why You do what You do for me, for me
But I always know that You'll be there
To grant me with Your mercy and care
I do not deserve what You give to me
But I'm willing to serve with all of my being

Bridge 1:
I'll give You everything I am
Everything I want to be
It's all for You no matter what I do
I surrender all myself to You

Bridge 2:
You are to me everything
And all I'll do is worship You, Jesus
You surround me with Your perfect love
And all I'll do is worship You
That's all I wanna do
Track Name: To You Alone
Jesus You are who I long for
You’re my every want and need
It is You to whom my heart pours
You’re the One I want to see

And I can feel You all around me
It’s in You I find my strength

I need You Lord You are my God I need You Je – sus
I need You Lord Redeeming King It is to You alone I sing

I want to love You with all my heart
With all my soul, with all my mind
I have to trust You in the midst of the storm
Let You guide me where You want me
I’ve got to let You take control
Track Name: Desperation
Verse 1:
Crying out in desperation
All my heart feels is frustration
I look to You and all I see is a Creator of masterpieces
Wishing all could know of Your love
Shown to us by the death of Your son
Why can't their eyes be opened
So they can know of Your salvation?

Pre-Chorus 1:
Oh, God open the eyes of the ones who don't know You
Oh, God open the eyes of all that need You

Fill them with Your Spirit, Lord
Fill them with Your love
Fill them with forgiveness, Lord
From the heavens above

Verse 2:
You created them from their inmost being
So my prayers for them I'll keep repeating
They’re fearfully and wonderfully made
Ordained for them were all of their days
Because of You they have a purpose
Open up their hearts so they trust
What You have in store for them here
I ask, O Lord, that You’d draw them near

Pre-Chorus 2:
Oh, God open the eyes of those who are against You
Oh, God open the eyes of all that need You

We're crying out in desperation
For You to reach our generation
You're the answer we're looking for
You alone are the cure
To mend these lives that are so broken
Help them know that they are chosen
God be with us here and now
Turn all hearts to You somehow
Track Name: God of Love
Verse 1:
Give me a revelation of You
Show me what You want me to do
Breathe into my lungs
Breathe into my Spirit
I long for You to speak
Open my ears to hear it

Chorus 1:
I want to breathe You in, O God of love
I want to breathe You in, Lord Jesus
I want to breathe You in, O Holy Spirit
Come have Your way in me

Verse 2:
Teach me what it means to be Your child
Strengthen me to stand through the Refiner’s fire
Show me how to wait
Show me how to listen
Open up my eyes so I can see Your kingdom

Here I am desperate for You
Desperate for You
I’m desperate for You
Take my hand
Draw me to You
Draw me to You
Lord, draw me to You

Verse 3:
Father, Spirit, Son
Come and make us one
Breathe Your life into me
In Your presence is where I want to be
Track Name: Dwelling Place (Psalm 91)
Verse 1:
Almighty God
O Lord Most High
I trust in You
You satisfy
Your faithfulness leaves me secure
I want to dwell in Your shelter

Chorus 1:
Be my dwelling place
Cover me with grace
I find refuge in the shadow of Your wings
Be my sword and shield
Come and rescue me
l find peace ‘cause with Your Spirit I am free
Be my dwelling place

Verse 2:
You answer me whenever I call
You’re with me still
You won’t let me fall
Your heavenly host will lift me up
Deliver me, Lord, and fill my cup

My Refuge, my Fortress
God in whom I trust
Your mercy, Your kindness
Your grace is enough
I love You and I need You to come and make me whole
Consume me ‘cause You’re worthy of my heart and soul
Track Name: Daughter of the King
Verse 1:
As you weep in His presence
He catches every tear that falls from your eyes
As you seek His glorious face
His eyes are on you with a love that won’t fail

Pre-Chorus 1:
‘Cause you’re treasured and loved
And wonderfully made
Forgiven and free to bring Him praise

Chorus 1:
Who can separate you from the love of your Father?
Who can separate you from His infinite embrace?
No one can separate you from the love of your Father
No one can separate you ‘cause you’re a daughter of the King

Verse 2:
When you cry out to Him
His ear is turned towards you
He hears your prayers and He’ll answer your call
When you look to Him
Your Savior and Refuge
Your eyes are opened to His wonders anew

Bridge 1:
Charm is deceptive and beauty does not last
But a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised
More precious than jewels
She is wise in all her ways
Loved by the King of all days

Bridge 2:
The sound of His love
The sound of His love is what you’re hearing
You’re a daughter He loves
A daughter He loves
He’s won His children
Track Name: Word of God (John 1)
Chorus 1:
Jesus, eternal God
There is none like You
Light of the world shines through
Jesus, there’s none like You

Verse 1:
Word of God
You are God
From the start
You are who You are

Verse 2:
You made it all
And You hold it all
From the start
You are who You are

You hold my life in Your hands
You’re the light of man
You shine in the darkness
To light up Your goodness
Track Name: Set Me Ablaze
Verse 1:
You alone are worthy
You’re my heart’s desire
But I was so unworthy
I was a sinner and a liar
But Your grace covered me and made me new
So I cling to the promise that Your love for me is true

Chorus 1:
Set me ablaze for You
Let my heart burn within me
Consuming fire fall down
So I can shine for the world to see

Verse 2:
You alone are holy
You are all I need
My spirit is willin
But Lord my flesh is weak
So I need You to come and lift me up
And I need You to come and fill my cup

Bridge :
Oh it’s You, only You that can take this dead heart
And make it shine like the bright and Morning Star
Oh Christ my Portion, my Savior, my Dear
Your perfect love burns away all my fear
Track Name: My Redeemer Has Come
Verse 1:
In God, whose word I praise
I shall not be afraid
I put my trust in You
I know You’ll see me through

Verse 2 :
Your grace is what I seek
Knowing I will find
Your arms are open wide
And that I am Yours and You are mine

Chorus 1:
My Redeemer has come
My Redeemer has come I am new
Spirit fall like a dove
Spirit fall like a dove I need You

Verse 3:
I call on You, O God
For You alone will save
I call on You, O God
Your amazing grace

You satisfy my every need
Fulfill my heart’s desires
Jesus standing next to me
Through the storms and through the fires
Track Name: Jesus' Blood and Righteousness
Verse 1:
The holy, humble, perfect Lamb
Came from the Father, the Great I AM
Died for me, for my sin to atone
Bought me with a price now I am not my own

I know I only overcome
By the blood of the Son
My debt is paid in full
His precious blood shed for my soul

Verse 2:
In His boundless mercy He has made
Full atonement now my ransom is paid
His blood and righteousness on me
So to the Savior King all praises be

I put on Jesus' blood and righteousness
It sets me free from the power of sin and death
There is no condemnation against me
'cause Jesus paid it all for me
Track Name: Come Down
Verse 1:
Seated at the throne
At the right hand of the Father
Make my heart Your home
I don't belong to any other

Chorus 1:
So come down
Take Your rightful place
At the throne of my heart
At the throne of my heart

Verse 2:
Seated at the right hand of the Father
The same right hand where He holds pleasures evermore
Jesus, You are the pleasures evermore
You satisfy, You satisfy, You satisfy

It's Yours, it's Yours
I'm Yours, I'm Yours
My heart is Yours
It's only Yours

Chorus 2:
So come down
Take Your rightful place
At the throne of Your heart
Because my heart is Yours

You're my King
You're my King
So Jesus, reign in me
Track Name: Forgiving Lord
Verse 1:
You’ve shown us mercy that we don't deserve
You gave forgiveness that we couldn't earn

Pre-Chorus 1:
You are a patient, loving God
Your love displayed on the cross

Chorus 1:
So I give my life to You
Forgiving Lord, forgiving Lord
I give my all to You
‘cause You’ve forgiven me and set me free

Verse 2:
Jesus, You came and gave Your life for us
The sacrifice for our redemption

Pre-Chorus 2:
You are the King above all kings
Who stepped down to give us everything

Bridge 1:
You’ve washed away my stains by Your blood
You’ve given me new life because of Your love
Now I walk in the freedom You gave
When You gave Your life and made a way
Track Name: Blessed and Glorious
Verse 1:
Dwelling inside unapproachable light
Not one has seen Your face
But Love has come to open blind eyes
To see amazing grace

So here we are
We stand in awe of the King above all kings
Reigning high on the throne
The Creator of all things

Chorus 1:
Blessed and glorious
Almighty, victorious
We praise Your name
For Jesus You reign over us

Verse 2:
Your greatness, O God is unsearchable
Not one thing can compare
Gracious and kind and abounding in love
Your glory shines everywhere

Chorus 2:
Immortal, invisible, all wise, and all powerful
You stay the same
God, You never change You are faithful

Holy, holy, holy
God most high and God most worthy
Holy, holy, holy
Honor and glory to You only
Track Name: Faithful to the End
Verse 1:
Take us into depths we can’t imagine
Lift us up to heights we’ve yet to see
Bring us in to grace we cannot fathom
Show us just who we were meant to be

Chorus 1:
‘Cause we are Yours
We are Yours

Verse 2:
In every valley, every season
Let my heart sing of You
For You took my burdens, You paid my ransom
God, You are faithful You are true

Chorus 2 :
And I am Yours
I am Yours

You are worthy
You are faithful
You are worthy
You are faithful to the end
Track Name: Your Love is So Big
Sometimes I forget You
My eyes turn away from You
But You won’t leave
You won’t let me go
So I’m clinging to Your love

Your love is so big
Your love is so big
Your love is so big
It never will run dry

So I’ll fix my eyes upon You
You’re where my help comes from
The Author of salvation
Jesus, Enduring One
Track Name: Revival
Verse 1:
Jesus, You’ve broken all our chains
Savior, You’ve called us each by name
With Your love, we overcome the enemy
By Your blood, You paid our debt and set us free

Pour out Your Spirit, God
With hearts joined as one, we cry for revival
Open our hearts to be changed by Your love
Shine Your light on us

Verse 2:
The time has come
Would Your kingdom come
Would Your will be done
You’ve given us all we could ever need
Show us your glory, Lord
Our hearts long for more
More of Your goodness, Lord
We’ve only seen a glimpse of what You have in store

No more apathy
No more hypocrisy
No more turning our eyes from what You’ve called us to be
Would You take Your Bride and make Her clean
Would You cut out division with Your holy incision
For we all have been set free
Would Your fire fall to refine us all
All we need is Your love to tear down these walls